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The Publishing Haus

The dominant narratives must be countered.

History is a compilation of changing myths and stories that have much less to do with truth than they have to do with an agenda to frame the world in a way that fits and propagates these so-deemed dominant narratives.

If it is true, as Terence McKenna has said, that the world is made of language, it is reasonable to extrapolate that control of the world comes via narrative.

TRPL BLCK PRSS sets the record straight by balancing the dominant narrative with Our narrative, built of Our perspective, and Our wisdom. We bring, at last, the spirit of Ma'at back to the infosphere. We publish those works that bring new knowledge to old problems and old wisdom to new realities.

But who are We?

We are those who have come to this work via autodidact study, formal academic training, intense research, and most importantly a love for truth, freedom, authenticity, and understanding.

They spoke of a fire next time...

…and TRPL BLCK PRSS is fanning the flames.

The Team

We are You.

We are a reflection of the moon on the waters of consciousness, mirroring back to you your essence as a child of the Triple Blackness of Space, the Original Peoples of the Planet of Geb & Nut.

Our training and experience and scholarly pursuits are secondary to the spirits of self-inquiry, self-determination, and our indomitable curiosity and openness to learning.

We created a space for you to explore the edges of your consciousness, to push the boundaries of your conditioning, and to redefine your world that you may touch all you encounter with a mastery all your own.

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