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Welcome to our carefully curated selection of books and essays and poems and such. Here for your self-empowerment & self-enknowledgement. 
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Ani, Marimba.jpg

Ani, Dr. Marimba

Yurugu removes the mask from the European facade and thereby reveals the inner workings of global white supremacy: A system which functions to guarantee the control of Europe and her descendants over the majority of the world's peoples.

Cress Welsing, Frances.jpg

Cress Welsing, Dr. Frances

A collection of 25 essays examining the neuroses of white supremacy.

Bradley, Michael.jpg

Bradley, Michael

This book argues that the white race is more aggressive than other groups as the result of historical environmental conditions.

Wilson, Amos.jpg

Wilson, Dr. Amos N.

his book is about power in very practical terms. How power is created and how its maintained through economics and politics.

Butler, Octavia -1.jpg

Butler, Octavia

Precocious and clear-eyed, Lauren must make her voice heard in order to protect her loved ones from the imminent disasters her small community stubbornly ignores. But what begins as a fight for survival soon leads to something much more: the birth of a new faith . . . and a startling vision of human destiny.

Wright, Bobby.jpg

Wright, Dr. Bobby E.

A thought-provoking examination of the group personality of Europeans, as manifest in their behavior towards Black people.

Mythology-Voyage of the Hero.jpg

Adams Leeming, David

What makes something mythic? What do mythic events and narratives have to do with us? In Mythology, David Leeming offers an unusual and effective approach to the subject of mythology by stressing universal themes through myths of many cultures.

The World of Myth an Anthology.jpg

Adams Leeming, David

In The World of Myth, David Leeming takes us on a journey "not through a maze of falsehood but through a marvelous world of metaphor," metaphor for "the story of the relationship between the known and the unknown, both around us and within us."


Adams Leeming
Anta Diop.jpg

Anta Diop, Cheikh

Now in its 30th printing, this classic presents historical, archaeological, and anthropological evidence to support the theory that ancient Egypt was a black civilization.

Atwood-Mary Anne.jpg

Atwood, Mary Anne

A Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery is a book written by Mary Anne Atwood, first published in 1850.


Badejo, Dierdre

An authoritative introduction to the ritual orature, sacred songs, and festival drama of Osun Seegesi, and the urgent, contemporary meaning behind her mythology.

Baigent-Michael_Richard Leigh-et al.jpg

Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh, & Henry Lincoln

Holy Blood, Holy Grail rocked the very foundations of Christianity. Now four more years of research have uncovered shocking material — and its earthshaking consequences.


Baines, John

 The Author has unfolded in these pages the Hermetic knowledge of the spiritual science of Love that we are privileged to glimpse in these desolate ages. The secret to Love lies in eternal rejuvenation and change and profound comprehension. 


Baines, John

Baines boldly reveals how the human being is manipulated and controlled by a vast cerebral and cultural program. He explains that the only possibility for freedom from this perpetual slavery consists in transcending oneself to finally cut the cord that connects us to this central computer.


Balfour, Mark

 In 1986... scientific evidence for the substantial reality of universal life-force energy fields in accordance with the ancient edicts shattered the reductionist's view that life and intelligence are mere effects of physical causes. Creative Physics, echoing a once universal 'Science of Life', is swiftly emerging with far- reaching implications that touch every facet of the human experience. 


Barnes, Sandra T., ed.

" . . . leav[es] the reader with a sense of the vitality, dynamism, and complexity of Ogun and the cultural contexts in which he thrives. . . . magnificent contribution to the literature on Ogun, Yoruba culture, African religions, and the African diaspora." ―International Journal of Historical Studies


Barnstone, Willis, ed.

The Other Bible gathers in one comprehensive volume ancient, esoteric holy texts from Judeo–Christian tradition that were excluded from the official canon of the Old and New Testaments, including the Gnostic Gospels, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Kabbalah, and several more. 


Bartusiak, Marcia

An intoxicating saga of humanity's quest for knowledge of the universe's composition, from ancient Greece through Copernicus, Newton, and Einstein, and up to today's cutting edge scientists, this book is both a compelling history and an engrossing adventure. "Excellent."―Astronomy.


Behrens, Richard

Although presented as fiction, the techniques used in The Lost Scrolls of King Solomon are real and powerful. A separate section gives numerous techniques and exercises you can use today to start you on your path to personal enlightenment.

Ben-Jochannon Yosef.jpg

Ben-Jochannon, Yosef

Dr. Ben-Jochannon taught at City College in New York City and from 1973 to 1987, he was an adjunct professor at Cornell University. He wrote and published 49 books and papers, mainly about how in his mind the Ancient Egyptians and Israelites were black Africans. Two of his better-known works: “Black Man of the Nile” and “Africa Mother of Major Western Religions."

Bierlein J F.jpg

Bierlein, J. F.

For as long as human beings have had language, they have had myths. Mythology is our earliest form of literary expression and the foundation of all history and morality. Now, in Parallel Myths, classical scholar J. F. Bierlein gathers the key myths from all of the world's major traditions and reveals their common themes, images, and meanings.

Blavatsky H P.jpg

Blavatsky, H. P.

Continuously in print for over 100 years, the SD remains today the most comprehensive sourcebook of the esoteric tradition, outlining the fundamental tenets of the Secret Doctrine of the Archaic Ages. Challenging, prophetic, and strikingly modern, it directly addresses the perennial questions: continuity of life after death, purpose of existence, good and evil, consciousness and substance, sexuality, karma, evolution, and human and planetary transformation. 

Boulay, R. A..jpg

Boulay, R. A.

A highly original work that deals a shattering blow to all our preconceived notions about our past and human origins. Worldwide legends refer to giant flying lizards and dragons that came to this planet and founded the ancient civilizations of Mesopo-tamia, Egypt, India and China.

Boyd Kuhn, Alvin.jpg

Boyd Kuhn, Alvin

2015 Reprint of the 1940 edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Highly influenced by the work of Gerald Massey and Godfrey Higgins, Kuhn contended that the Bible derived its origins from other Pagan religions and much of Christian history was pre-extant as Egyptian mythology.

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