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O the Unstoppable

The Full Story

It is the human sentence to express, she says.  

Oni has been writing since she could. She has been a lover of words and sounds since always.  She realized very early that writing moved her.  And, somewhere around 2nd grade, she realized that her writing, too, had the power to move people.  

She's a poet & a philosopher at heart. But she writes. Always.

Essays. Slogans. Speeches. Social media posts. Blogs. Articles. Thought pieces. Screen & stage plays. Commercials. Stories. T-Shirt taglines.

Anything. Really. 

Her writing is like an onrush of a waterfall or the freshness of air after heavy rains. It's a fractal thing and not definable in easy terms. Yet, it is stunningly elegant in its simplicity and can turn and then be deeply thought-provoking and complex. 

Simply: it moves you.  

In writing & in life, she breaks rules to break boundaries. If you need something written that has a little more soul, a little more creative verve, a little more daring than usual, then she says... 

so let it be written.


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