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Dr. Shani OM

Dr. Om: Unveiled

Shani Ojukwu Mantenso is an Uhuru woman and descendant of the planet’s original people. She is a wife & mother, and a seeker & scholar. Dr. OM earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and holds two Master’s degrees, one in African History from North Carolina Central University, and another in African Languages & Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Ojukwu Mantenso received her Ph.D. from New York University in 2006 and served as a college professor in New York for twelve years.


Currently, Dr. OM wears three hats. As well as co-founder & contributing author and librarian for Trpl Blck Prss publishing house and booksellers, Shani is a program director & teacher for the Afrikan-centered unschool Uhuru Institute, and the founder & primary movement specialist for Hadiya Mind & Movement, an online yoga, meditation, & holistic movement studio.


The author currently lives, works, & travels full-time throughout North and Central America with her spouse Rev OM & their adopted animal companions Zimbabwe & Oya. 


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